Thank you for your willingness to share! This may be the most important story you will ever tell.


We ask that:

  • your story honors God

  • your story is true

  • you do not identify anyone in your story without their persmission

  • you do not use words that are offensive, hurtful, divisive, or that advance a political agenda  

  • you do not ask for money/donations

We Will Help You Write Your Story

If you are interested in sharing a story,  a writer from our team could interview you by phone (sometimes in person), write your story for you, and then send the story back to you for any changes you might like. If you are interested in being interviewed and having your story written, please click here and let us know and someone from our team will contact you.

Anonymity and Photography

All stories are anonymous unless the storyteller wishes to have their photo taken to accompany their story.  Even then, no names are posted and stories are identified by a number. If you prefer not to have a photo taken or if our photographer is not able to travel to take your photo, we can create a beautiful image of something else to accompany your story.  If you have something in mind for a photograph, such as an object, setting or something in nature, please describe this when you submit your story in order to help our photographers in creating a photo to accompany your story.


We send every story to a professional editor, Kelly, who edits and formats each story. 

Final Story Submission

After your story is complete and you are happy with it, our managing editor, Anna, will work with you to submit your story through our online portal. After online submission, your story will be posted on our website and social media. There is usually some time between final submission of the story online and posting it to the website.  After the stories are published on our site, we encourage storytellers to share their stories however they would like, i.e. on their own social media, in their blogs or at speaking events. We want the stories to be shared with as many people as possible to bring God more glory and tell more people about Him. 

A Million God Stories interviewers, photographers, or anyone associated with A Million God Stories are not responsible for any emotional and/or physical distress an interviewee may experience as a result of sharing their story.

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